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IT'S TIME TO JOIN THE #GraceRevolutionGeneration


Creation Springs Church is seeking a worship location to host the revival. If you have a destination that you are willing to share with us.

Please call or email us!

We are a non-denominational, independent, Christian Church based on the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is found in the Bible.

Come as You Are.  Relax. Rejoice. Praise. Worship.

We Aren't Formal.  We Are Friendly.


Creation Springs is a community of faith.  Walking together in life.  Sharing together in study.  Connecting with each other through conversation and service.  Making a difference each and every day in the lives of the people around us.


Celebrating the presence and the power of Jesus Christ to change lives.  Creation Springs believes worship and life are intrinsically linked.  Healing, restoration, inspiration, and encouragement connect us with God and make us effective as people.


God commissions every person with a purpose and a mission.  Creation Springs seeks to empower people to fulfill their destiny, to find their place, and to accomplish their calling.  Connecting people to God and to each other through faith and action.

Have You Met Jesus Christ?

Being a believer means accepting that Jesus Christ is your God, that no authority is greater, no answer is better, and no priority is higher than your relationship with your creator and savior.

God is completely invested in you.  God designed you with intention. God created you with care.  God sustains you each and every day.  And God has a great future in store for you.

God's promises are sure.  God has planned blessings, abundance, goodness, peace, fulfillment, success, health, accomplishment, and joy for you.

All you need to do is starting saying "Yes" to God.  Are you ready for a better life?  Are you ready for confidence, vision, values, purpose, and passion to drive you higher and deeper than you have lived before?

Give God a chance and He is going to take you places beyond your biggest and best dreams.

Jericho Israel - November 2 2015: Organized baptism for group of pilgrims in river of Jordan the place which is believed that Jesus was baptized

Next Steps...

Pray this prayer, "Lord Jesus, I'm ready for a new life with you.  I repent of my sins and put my baggage in your hands.  Come into my heart, my mind, and my life.  I make you my God and my Savior".