Our Mission

To commit ourselves fully and without reserve to Jesus Christ as our God and Savior.

To share the good news of salvation at every opportunity and so introduce people to Jesus Christ through the positive, encouraging, inspiring, and healing power of His life and message as it is revealed in the Bible.

To connect and develop a living community of committed believers that is dedicated to receiving, living, sharing, and expanding the kingdom of God, right here, right now.

To develop and support every aspect of individual believers as people to invest in and increase their ability to receive all of the blessings that God has in store for them, achieve all that God has planned, and realize all of God’s promises in their lives and the lives of those within their reach.

To empower every human being with an awareness and experience of God’s grace and so offer them the opportunity to be born again by the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

To reach the lost, the broken, the fallen, the discouraged, the hopeless, the flawed, the sinful, the sick, and the poor with the gospel of salvation.

To enlist every believer to serve according to their callings, gifts, resources, and abilities to make the world into a better place because they were a part of it.

To create believers who are excited to introduce others to Jesus Christ through the witness of their lives, their service, their relationships, and their belief and so repeat the process.

Our Leadership


Steve Simons


A passionate, Christ-following leader grounded in Biblical preaching and a strong vision of the promises of God, Steve encourages and inspires people to grow in their walk of faith and empowers believers to discover all that God has planned for them. Sharing the gospel of grace is the heart of Steve’s mission and message and his strong belief that God loves every human being created and has plans to bless, to prosper, to heal, to restore, and to provide in abundance for every person -- both now and forever -- focuses Steve’s leadership on the opportunities that a relationship with Jesus Christ provides for health, peace, joy, fulfillment, strength, increase, and success. Husband to Galadriel, and father of five, Steve engages young and old with the good news of salvation.


Galadriel Simons


A dedicated and thoughtful mother of five and engaging community builder, Galadriel invests her experience and insight in the people around her, leading both women and men to consider the power of the gospel of grace to change lives, shepherd young lives, and deepen the enrichment of a walk of faith for all believers.  With a strong foundation in Biblical teaching and a spirit of grace and truth, Galadriel's leadership is focused on helping every human life discover its full potential, both individually and in fellowship with others in healthy, lasting relationships.